Stormy's Journey

Stormy's began in 2021 as a food truck based in Chilliwack, BC.

Being plant-based for many years, I, Stormy felt it was about time to swap from serving tables at pubs to serving my community healthy food!

Eating plant-based changed my life. You've probably heard it before but eating plants helped me go from I from surviving to thriving!

I was always kinda sick, with one health issue after another, and I tried everything to feel better but nothing worked long-term until I went plant-based! It wasn't easy, I had to completely re-learn how to shop and cook plus find new places to eat that fit my new lifestyle.

But it was so worth it!

first the food truck

I wanted to share how plant-based food could not only be nutritious but also fun and delicious!

I knew that eating this way can literally change your entire health so that's why I always says 'when you eat more plants you do the happy dance!'

And smoothie bowls were my gateway food to this plant-based lifestyle, so I thought, what better food to share with you all?

check out the food truck!

ok, but where does Rawnola come in?

Well a smoothie bowl is not the same without toppings! I wanted to use granola but most store-bought granola is full of sugar and oil - not something you want to eat every day and I wanted my bowls to be so healthy it could be part of your daily routine!

So I set out to develop my own sugar-free, oil-free granola. Turns out baking granola without oil and sugar is very very hard........which brings us to Rawnola!

Rawnola is born!

So I decided that I would serve my bowls with Rawnola. Rawnola was household staple in my home but I wasn't sure how much my community would like it because it uses dates as a base! Apart from a few select groups, dates don't seem to frequent the average household's grocery list. 

Turns out everyone loves dates, they just didn't know it until they ate a Stormy's Smoothie bowl with Rawnola!

So we packaged it up in some foil bags at first, then we moved on to some snazzy packaging, added a new flavour and here we are!

shop rawnola today :)